Who are we?

Michael J. Conkey and Associates was formed when a couple of seasoned corporate professionals combined their individual expertise and practices into one firm. Their high ethical standards and commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the caliber of the highly experienced professionals they have selectively added to the firm. The Company has professionals with significant public accounting and industry experience totaling over sixty years. The background and skill sets of our professionals also span a broad spectrum of industries including real estate, construction, banking, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution.


Our mission is to engage our highly skilled professional staff in providing our clients with the highest quality services, in a very timely manner. By adhering strictly to this principle, Michael J. Conkey & Associates will assure a positive influence on our profession wherever we apply our talents, locally, nationally or internationally.  Our staff embraces the idea that in addition to our responsibility to our clients we have a responsibility to improve the communities within which we serve by participating in worthwhile civic affairs.

We promote the “firm concept.”  Clients are served by the Firm, rather than by individuals.  We refer to “our clients” rather than “my clients.”  Opinions and recommendations reflect the multiple skill sets we engage to serve each client and are stated as “our recommendations” and “we believe.”

Our attention to present needs as well as growth patterns assures that we will always have sufficient capacity to accept additional clients or to provide additional services to existing clients.  Our staff is well balanced to assure that all work is assigned at the appropriate level of ability.  Our employee’s poses diverse backgrounds to provide the wide range of expertise needed to satisfy our client’s needs now and into the future.